With an eye for details

Project name





2018 and 2021


ca 80 sq m

The Academy of Plastic Surgery moved to new premises in 2018 and wanted to create a clinic that stood out and left a mark. We worked with the clinic like a piece of jewellery. Glass and mirrors along with black, glossy surfaces and pink tones combine to create a more special clinic. The new décor gave the space a cared-for feel that is often missing in similar environments.

In 2021, the Eyelid Academy came back to us because they had now increased their space and wanted help with the same thing as before: creating a stunning, exclusive, luxurious but also caring interior. They perform eye surgery in their own way and are in high demand with clients from all over the country. They have slightly higher prices and therefore want the environment to give a feeling that this is something different a little more exclusive compared to other clinics. It has also been important for them to create spaces where the people who work in the space feel comfortable and want to be in even after work.


A challenge for us has been the constraints of the space, with low ceilings and a careful renovation where as much as possible has been preserved while the customer has demanded a luxurious and special feeling when entering the premises


We have worked with a concept we call “Sophisticated pink” that creates a welcoming and at the same time a bit luxurious feeling. Using colour and custom-designed furnishings, we have transformed the premises into a clinic with a welcoming atmosphere where both staff and clients feel comfortable and at ease.

“Wow at first sight”

Colour has transformed the entire staff kitchen without affecting the environment to any great extent

A stunning, exclusive, luxurious but also caring interior.

Beautiful mirror to look into after surgery
Welcoming waiting room