East or West, the office is best

Project name

Uppsala Stadshus


Uppsala Stadshus

Project time



26 000 sq m, about 1650 employees

The design of the new City Hall in Uppsala is characterised by the objective of developing the urban environment for citizens and improving the working environment for the municipality’s employees. Large expanses of glass and generous amounts of greenery bring the indoor environment to life. The extended section, completed in autumn 2021, contrasts tastefully with the original building from 1963.   


Encourage/encourage employees to make the obvious choice to work in the office after two years of working from home. The idea of an inclusive citizen service with open spaces and a new changed way of working has influenced the new interior design. The zoning throughout the building is based on a concept inspired by Uppsala’s flora.


Enabling activities in communal spaces and new interior design concept. Sustainability guidelines were set early in the project. Circular design processes have given new life to worn out furniture. Through direct reuse and reconditioning, the municipality has been able to save both economic and ecological resources.

2,624 pieces of furniture and light fittings that have been recycled, resulting in a large potential for climate savings both in terms of weight and CO2 emissions

Council chamber inviting citizens to dialogue

The interior is inspired by Uppsala’s flora and has become a symbol of diversity with room for everyone

Uppsala’s flora on the curtain in the press room, which also serves for weddings and meetings
Inviting place for socializing.
lounge area in office
Harmonious colour scheme, with Uppsala’s flora visible throughout the house
Space for refreshments in the multifunctional dining room