Indicum Lab – our more experimental projects and interests, with 100% space for creative and artistic exploration

Indicum Art

Artistic decoration creates added value and we think it is important to prioritise art for both public spaces and offices. Indicum art works with three parts – artistic decoration in projects, exhibitions and art project coordination.

Room divider Ray

At Indicum, we developed the room divider Ray as part of a project to move an office from fixed workstations to a more flexible way of working.

As a questioning teenager, we want Indicum Lab to provide space for creative and artistic exploration. 

Forever lost in clown land

With the exhibition Forever lost in clown land, we have allowed a vision of colour, texture and form to emerge that ties in with our working process on concepts.

Kvist & Knot

Investigate how the value of Swedish hardwood can be increased.

I.A is an initiative started by Indicum interior architecture with the aim of driving debate and spreading knowledge about good interior architecture from a broader perspective. IA has several partners associated with the site, both companies that provide editorial support and sponsors who contribute material. IA provides space for different opinions with the overall goal of quality and engaging content. Please get in touch!

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In order to maintain the high level of our work, our exploratory and often unprofitable projects are a very important part of our work.

-CEO Kristin Östberg

Young Artists

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Kvist & Knot

We want to increase the value of Swedish hardwood through the Kvist & Knot project. Through innovative design, the project…

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