We work closely with our customers, without intermediaries, with a solid work process based on knowledge and experience

Our working process

Our focus is always on optimising performance and minimising costs. With our proven working methods and long experience, we help our clients through the delicate process that often involves moving a business, changing a way of working or taking the plunge into something completely new.

Each of our projects is unique and differs in many ways, below is a description of what a typical interior design project might look like.

The meeting

We value a personal and respectful approach and always want to work closely with the customer, without intermediaries, to achieve the best possible result. With us, you therefore have direct contact with the architect working on the project.

We pride ourselves on our lack of prestige, we are pragmatic and we dare to question our own ideas in order to test new solutions.


The first part of a project is about agreeing on the framework for the project. It is important that we understand your vision and that we formulate the purpose and objectives of the project together.

A well-formulated project plan will be the basis for the budget and quality targets to be maintained. We carry out a space and brand analysis, determine the layout and provide feedback with a rough cost estimate.


A good concept that confirms who you are and how you want to develop is the basis for a successful interior design project. We produce inspiring documents and present mood boards with suggestions for colour schemes and material choices.

On the basis of the concept developed in consultation with the client, work on interior design proposals and furnishing plans becomes concrete.

Interior design suggestions

We deliver an interior design proposal based on the concept developed and taking into account your needs and conditions both today and for the future. By planning for the future today, we can both save money and make a difference to the environment. We take stock of existing furnishings, deliver detailed furnishing plans and cost estimates.


In order to realise the interior design proposal, documents for various types of procurement are needed. It can be a document that procures painting works, special carpentry or the loose furnishing.

In this part of the project, we work in consultation with our clients on the procurement documents and purchases.


We assist our customers in connection with the completion of a premises by, for example, being on site and checking conversions, coordinating deliveries of furnishings and carrying out inspections of various kinds.

Follow up

We work with experience feedback and follow up completed projects with study visits and a meeting.

“Our work is based on value-creating processes that add value for our customers”

– Marie Lindblad, partner and interior architect

How we helped Uppsala Nya Stadshus into the future

In 2019, we at Indicum won the contract to furnish Uppsala Nya Stadshus, a meeting place for democracy. The assignment ranged from mapping and concept development through to delivery and occupancy.