Indicum is an office with strong ideas, broad expertise and a dynamic process that places great emphasis on team spirit both internally and with our clients

Indicum Inredningsarkitekter was founded in 2006 in Uppsala by Kristin Östberg. From the very beginning, the idea was that a pure interior design office is a success factor. Indicum is in a unique position and there are few interior architects in Sweden and we differ from other offices by gathering only interior architects and still working on large projects all over the country. All our employees are trained architects, with SIR titles or equivalent, and we work in all areas of the profession. With our commitment to driving development and innovation in the industry, Indicum has grown. Today we have offices in Uppsala and Stockholm and are both established and well known.

We are interior architects

We have well-proven methods and processes for both large and small assignments. We have a non-profit commitment where our expertise benefits many. We matter in professional contexts! With our strong roots in the research community, we bring an important scientific dimension to the architectural profession.

We work in a sustainable way

In all our projects, we challenge the ‘waste and disposal’ mindset. We care about high design factor but at the same time we think new. We always work to ambitious environmental targets and are happy to test new solutions. Together with our clients, we aim for a sustainable transition and a better industry.

The customer-oriented office with the big visions

We have proven methods and processes for both large and small assignments. At our offices in Uppsala and Stockholm, we focus on team spirit both internally and with our clients. Our driving force is to always go the extra mile for our clients.

Interiors that make an impact

Over the years, we have left our mark on several Uppsala interiors: the Psykiatrins hus, Segerstedthuset, Uppsala vatten, Katedralskolan, Uppsala Nya Stadshus and several private companies. With space-efficient furnishing plans, well-considered colour schemes and exciting eye-catchers, we create interiors that impress and leave an impact.

We run exploratory projects

Indicum is a leader among interior designers in the field of sustainability, and we drive debate and innovative projects related to sustainability. Read more about Hållbar interiör 

Indicum is also a strong voice among interior designers on industry issues by driving debate and creating opinion within the subject and the profession. Read more about our commitment to interior design here

We like to think new and to explore, we gather all these projects under Indicum Lab which acts as an incubator where ideas are harnessed and developed into innovative and sustainable solutions. Read more about our Indicum Lab projects here

Indicum has a connection to the interior designers of the future through its commitment to education and opportunities for internships during training. Read more about this here (link to page about internships during education with Therese as contact person)

All our employees are dedicated specialists in interior architecture


Kristin Östberg

Interior architect SIR/MSA, CEO, Partner


Marie Lindblad

Interior architect SIR/MSA, Partner


Therese Löwstedt

Interior architect SIR/MSA, Partner

Our architects take a collective responsibility for the process and the outcome. This means security for clients and for employees.


Nora Velander

Interior architect MSA


Amanda Hallams

Interior architect MSA


Cecilia Tjärnberg

Interior architect SIR/MSA, Communication coordinator and Artist

Berenike Schau

Interior architect MSA

Agnes Elvin

Interior architect MSA