Sustainability is our main driving force and together with concrete and measurable facts we create the interior architecture of the future

Sustainability pervades everything we do

Sustainability is the driving force behind creativity, innovation and design for us at Indicum. Knowing that we have such a short time and that our profession is responsible for a large part of the climate and environmental impact, we try in all our projects to guide our clients to think sustainably and burden the environment as little as possible.

reception desk

Uppsala vatten – how we did it

Reuse and recycling are a matter of course for JM Uppsala, and the new office has reused a large part of the loose furnishings. Indicum has given them a new lease of life with little effort. The most important thing throughout the work has been to create a homely atmosphere where the whole office is the staff’s workplace

How we work with sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability issues has been ongoing for some time and we have a detailed and well-functioning environmental management system in place, where we work concretely to reduce our industry’s environmental impact.

We have selected some elements that we think are particularly important to consider in order to reduce the climate and environmental impact of local projects.

Right start

Choose your venue carefully

Early on, we can help you choose the right space to ensure an interior that will last over time. With our expertise and experience, we can assess size, light and layout to ensure that the space will suit your needs in terms of functions, flow and ergonomics, for example.

Here’s how to compare the environmental performance of different types of premises

Recycle more

Recycling more is the single most important aspect of keeping down the carbon emissions associated with a local project.

We can help you with the inventory, assessment and refurbishment of existing furniture and the procurement of reused furniture and building elements such as doors, glazing and flooring if required.

Think long-term

A sustainable interior is one that has a long lifespan and avoids the need for future renovations. Through analysis, we help you create a flexible interior that can change with little intervention as your business and needs change.

We draw up concrete proposals and help you find a long-term solution.

Unique concept

When changing premises, there are many questions to answer and many decisions to make. At Indicum, we help and support you throughout the project.

We develop a unique interior design concept and help you create a high-quality interior. When the project is completed, we will draw up a management document so that you can take care of your interior in the best possible way.

Sustainability Report

Sustainable interior architecture is about a committed and innovative focus integrated in the early stages of assignments where reuse, flexibility, high quality and change through refinement are obvious ways forward. Please read our sustainability report here…

Through our development projects, we contribute to a more resource-conscious interior design industry

Hållbar interiör offers the digital sustainability tool Hint

The requirements for buildings are high, but for interiors there are hardly any requirements at all. There is a lack of access to relevant information to check the environmental impact of interior projects. With Sustainable Interiors’ digital tools, the user will get environmental facts linked to an interior and thus be able to decide more easily which decisions are sustainable and which are not.

For those who are about to change their premises or perhaps are considering certifying an existing one, it is important to make environmentally conscious choices early in the process. That’s when you can influence results in the right direction the most! That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on these very aspects in Hint right now.

“We will create simple and clear ways to measure and demonstrate the environmental impact of an interior design project”

– CEO, Kristin Östberg