Sustainability permeates everything we do, both in our daily work and in future projects

“We will create simple and clear ways to measure and demonstrate the environmental impact of an interior design project”

– CEO Kristin Östberg

Therese Löwstedt

Sustainability is the driving force behind creativity, innovation and design for us at Indicum.

Knowing that we have such a short time and that our profession is responsible for a large part of the climate and environmental impact, we try in all our projects to guide our clients to think sustainably and burden the environment as little as possible.

For us, sustainability is about creating high quality interiors that are meant to last and enhance people’s health and quality of life. The premise of our work is that at every stage there is as little environmental impact as possible. This means that we actively contribute to reducing the climate and environmental impact associated with interiors in various ways.

We run innovative projects with a clear environmental focus and link to our professional field, such as Sustainable Interiors. We deliver high quality interior design in all our projects and we influence our clients to act sustainably at all stages of our projects by presenting sustainable choices (measures, solutions, materials, constructions etc). A further element is that we promote climate-smart choices at the end user where possible, such as energy saving.

The global challenges are many and we are already seeing climate change, biodiversity loss, ill health and growing social inequalities. The planning and design of facilities is therefore crucial to contribute to sustainable development, environmentally, socially and economically. Indicum is working to contribute to the global goals of the 2030 Agenda in a concrete and active way, with a focus on Goal 12 Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Indicum has extensive experience of pursuing sustainability issues in many different types of assignments. We are constantly developing both our services and our way of working in order to guide our clients to go further and gain a better understanding of the consequences of the choices they make. The Global Goals are the starting point for our strategic initiatives and by taking responsibility and being a role model we can also inspire the world around us. Together with customers and partners, we can shape a society that lasts, both today and tomorrow.


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“We do not stand behind the prevailing wear-and-tear mentality in the industry but promote reuse, processing and sustainable consumption”

– Therese Löwstedt, interior architect and partner

Sustainability in your facilities

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There are a large number of eco-labels. For individual pieces of furniture there are labels such as Svanen or Möbelfakta, and for buildings there are certifications that include fixed furnishings. Although the interior design industry has expanded considerably and furniture consumption has increased over the last ten years, there is no label that assesses entire interior design projects.

About circularity and recycling

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Prescribing reclaimed furniture instead of newly produced furniture also means a change in the way we interior designers work: instead of primarily designing a vision for which we choose furniture, we need to start from the furniture that is available and adapt the vision to create a beautiful and functional whole.