An inspiring workplace with room for both meetings and peace and quiet at Vård- och omsorgsförvaltningen

Project name

Hajen, interior  


Health and Social Care Administration, City of Mölndal

Project time

2021 – 2022


about 750 sq m

At the beginning of 2022, the Health and Social Care Administration of the City of Mölndal moved to new premises. The move meant that several different units that had previously been located at several different addresses moved together into newly built premises in the centre of Mölndal. As many of the employees work in the field, the new premises were intended to serve as a home base for the employees, a harmonious and safe place where they can both work individually and meet their colleagues.


Our mission has been to weave the architecture of the building with new and recycled furniture into a functional and harmonious whole. To achieve this, reclaimed furniture has been placed mainly in closed rooms and in open spaces sofas have been complemented with new cushions to fit in with the colour scheme.


The interior design concept builds on the foundations laid by Fredblad architects, where wooden trellises create exciting spatial arrangements and diagonal lines are found in both interior details, wall paintings and floor plans. Pictured are details from the space’s break room, which serves as an energizing meeting place for all employees.

As the occupancy rates of the different employees differed significantly, it was important to create a flexible workplace where everyone felt at home. The interior therefore has a wide variety of different furniture types and many meeting places of different sizes.

The colour scheme runs in warm colours from red and orange via yellow to green, the colours are bright and energising yet harmonious. A challenge of the project was to create a nice whole in the new premises despite a small budget. In order to keep the budget, much of the furniture from the previous premises was reused.

The interior colour scheme is inspired by the shades of Swedish nature, from green to warm reds and oranges.

From green to warm red and orange tones

Over a third of the furniture has been reused from the previous premises.

A harmonious and safe place where you can work individually and meet your colleagues.