18 August 2023


Therese Löwstedt

“We want to challenge the industry to move towards a circular way of working and meet the demand of an increasingly aware customer,” says Therese Löwstedt, interior designer and partner at Indicum.

Indicum offers training services for companies, public clients and higher education institutions.

We aim to be a strong voice among interior designers on industry issues by driving debate and creating opinion within the subject and the profession. The website is an initiative started by Indicum interior architects with the aim of creating debate and spreading knowledge about good interior architecture.

We want the industry to grow together with us, and we are happy to share our experience and knowledge in what we love most: interior design and sustainability. We hold courses and seminars with different focuses and timescales for companies, public clients and universities. You are welcome to hire us for courses, lectures and assignments as tutors or guest critics.

Read more in our sustainability report and about our training services here…