1 september 2023


Cecilia Tjärnberg

“The Green Thread metaphor suggests that sustainability and coexistence are not simple isolated components, but rather complex networks of different ideas, practices and efforts,” says Cecilia Tjärnberg, interior designer at Indicum and project manager of this year’s exhibition.

Design and architecture in the Green Thread exhibition, featuring graduate designers from different Design Academies.

Welcome to Indicum Inredningsarkitekter in KFUM-borgen, Orphei Drängars plats 1.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is sustainability and the participating architects, graphic designers and textile artists weave an inspiring exhibition with ideas on environmental, social and economic dimensions. Welcome to a profound experience, where each artwork and architectural vision tells a story of balance and awareness.

Participating in this year’s exhibition are:

Allis Matei, Erik Torefeldt, Emilia Forsman, Oskar Schmidt, Jonathan Berglund, Caroline Fleur Martini, Klara Östlund, Vera Lasthein, Annelie Wihlborg, Louise Gistrand, Fanny Johansson, Bereike Schau

Caroline Fleur Martini, Here’s your scarab
Erik Torefeldt, Acca

The exhibition is well attended and a great opportunity for young designers to showcase their work and meet a new audience. As a new feature this year, the exhibition offers a platform for visitors to engage in discussions about sustainability, design, architecture and the future. Exhibitors will present their projects and answer questions from the audience.

Emilia Forsman, The beauty of repair and the human body
Siri Haller, Spatial Collage
Allis Matei, Once upon a time in the forest

The Culture Night in Uppsala is an annual festival and several art exhibitions are organised, but not many exhibitions focusing on design and architecture. Welcome to us at Indicum Inredningsarkitekter in KFUM-borgen.

Annelie Wihlborg, Spun Spaces
Vera Lasthein, Homage to the inner teenager
Klara Östlund, I cut my bangs like Mia Wallace
Bereike Schau, Community Living – New Structures for resource efficient housing
Jonathan Berglund, Design for unknown futures