1pu when Indicum colorize the game development company Machine Games.

Project name

Machine Games new facilities


Machine Games, Zeni Max

Project time

2011 – 2014


ca 2000 sq m

For three years, Indicum worked with the dynamic game development company Machinegames. An intense and exciting collaboration in which Indicum acted as the spider in the web and coordinated contacts with construction companies, installers and real estate companies.


In the colour scheme and choice of materials, we have combined low budget with more expensive materials. One example is the corridor carpet, which is of high quality because it is visible throughout the space and will endure a lot of wear and tear – while we have chosen to keep the existing suspended ceiling to keep the overall cost down. In the interior, we have mixed flea market finds, “block buys”, Ikea and designer furniture to protect the environment and to show that neat reuse is both sustainable and inspiring.


In order to strengthen the team spirit of those working together, each room has its own theme. It also provides a new experience every time you enter a new room. Screen work has special requirements for lighting and light control. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with blackout curtains and original lamps in each room.

More colour and space for inspiration in the different parts of the room.

Bird light in a single office room

“Everyone needs variety in their daily lives, especially in a workplace where creativity is the focus. To be in a summer cottage with white knots one second and to quickly move to a nightclub in New York using recycled and new materials is a challenge that we at Indicum are experts at.”

Kristin Östberg, Indicum

From summer cottage to New York in just a few steps.

Blackout curtains in all rooms
Detail on wallpaper
White conference room
Interior was bought at an auction