Elegant reuse in a harmonious colour scheme

Project name

Office remodelling


Medium-sized government agency

Project time



2700 kvm

We have worked with a medium-sized authority in Stockholm that aimed to reduce its floor space and, in connection with this, also change its working methods and develop a new design for the premises.


the Imployees had worked remotely during the pandemic and where keen to come back to the office and work together. The new way of working would be activity-based, i.e. without assigned working desks; there was a concern that an activity-based way of working would not promote community and collaboration which was an important part of going back to work in the office after the pandemic.

A challenge for us was to find a floor plan and furniture that promotes both an activity-based approach, where the entire office is one’s workplace, and provides a sense of belonging to one’s departments. It also needed to be possible to adapt the functions in the premises to meet new needs and wishes.


We have developed a highly flexible floor plan, where functions can be easily changed and there are several open work areas and work lounges. These open spaces can be adapted easily and without remodelling to meet new work needs and for future expansion.

We have worked with an interior design concept called Timeless Light, which is a timeless and bright concept with classic furniture and high quality in the choice of materials, with a colour scale in muted tones of blue, green and beige-pink. To give the office a unique character, we have thus also worked with specially designed furnishings in the form of room dividers and project tables, where we use trellises and slats to create an exciting play of light in the room.

Indicum always wants to guide its customers towards the smallest possible climate and environmental footprint. Therefore, a large proportion of furniture has been reused and reconditioned, including meeting room chairs, work chairs and stands for height-adjustable desks and meeting tables. During this project, the first ideas took shape for our product that Karls-Andersson och söner now sells: spaljén Ray

Reception desk in oak wood with stone top
Custom-made lektern that harmonises with the elegant reused decor.

The project has focused on sustainability through the reuse and reconditioning of furniture, including meeting chairs and tables.

One of the office’s “touchdown areas” with the trellis Ray
using soft blue and red colours to create a sense of unity in the interior.

The new design combines functionality with aesthetics, creating a unique working environment that promotes efficiency and employee satisfaction.