Pride, Knowledge, Inspiration and Joy

Project name

Ellevio’s new office



Project time



5000 sq m, about 300 employees


Interior design in connection with the move of the newly formed electricity distributor Ellevio to new premises. The assignment involved designing an activity-based office for approximately 300 people where the interior design concept would communicate the company’s brand and vision.

Ellevio’s goal was that the new office would contribute to increased openness and collaboration with more satisfied employees, as well as attract new employees and strengthen the Ellevio brand.

The “Welcoming Experience” concept with the values “Pride, Knowledge, Inspiration and Joy” was developed through workshops with the client and was the basis for the work on the interior environment.


Ellevio has a completely new functional working environment with increased satisfaction and well-being among the staff, which also supports the business efficiently. Extra focus has been placed on finding a variety of ergonomic workstations in all their forms that are found in an activity-based office.

Ellevio asked for an activity-based office that would strengthen their corporate culture and stimulate meetings, openness and interaction.

Sitting area in entrance area

The challenge was to develop an interior design solution that meets the needs of the business and individual employees, while implementing a changed way of working.