25 january 2021


Marie Lindblad

Marie Lindblad takes a seat on the Swedish Architects’ Competition Board

We at Indicum are both proud and happy for Marie Lindblad who has recently been elected to the Swedish Architects’ Competition Committee. Here’s what she has to say about the important assignment.

Congratulations on being elected to the competition committee, how does it feel?

– It’s great fun! It’s great to get to know the other members of the committee and to benefit from their knowledge and experience. It feels like an exciting and important task.

Do you have a specific role or expertise that you represent?

– I will be representing the interior design side. There are currently not many competitions related to interior design, but the committee has seen a development in this area, especially competitions related to product design. Therefore, it is important that the board caters for knowledge in all architectural disciplines.

What would you like to contribute?

– I hope to contribute with my experience in the industry. I personally have no experience of participating in architectural competitions (apart from gingerbread houses ?) but I have worked for several years with procurement at Indicum, which has given me good experience in reading and interpreting project descriptions and programme texts. I think this can be very useful in reviewing competition programmes. I also believe that my background as an interior architect and designer can contribute new perspectives.

Why are architectural competitions important for the industry?

–  Jag tycker att tävlingar är viktiga dels för att de kan generera många bra idéer och dels för att mindre eller oetablerade kontor får möjlighet att konkurrera om uppdrag. Tävlingar kan med andra ord skapa möjligheter som vanliga projekt inte alltid kan. När det gäller tävlingar och upphandlingar är min erfarenhet att man alltid försöker ge det där lilla extra vilket i sin tur leder till en högre kvalitetsnivå.

The Board’s mission is (quote from the website): to review and approve programmes, to appoint expert jury representatives and to promote the long-term qualitative development of competition activities.