intervju på p1

19 oktober 2021


Kristin Östberg

Kristin Östberg talks about the office in Kropp & Själ

“The room is the playing field and can show the rules of the game, but it’s the people in an office that provide the creativity, the dynamic life,” says Kristin Österberg in the latest episode of Kropp & Själ.

This week Indicum was visited by a P1 reporter who wanted to talk about offices with Kristin Östberg. With twenty years of experience working with different types of office interiors, she contributes many reflections on the important role of office design in a changing working life. What elements of a corporate culture should interior design support and develop when working on a new office design?

The episode, published today, 19 October, looks at how the workplace can be designed to suit the ancient human brain. We think it’s very exciting and hope that the office of the future will be activity-based, both for people and the environment!

Listen to the episode on the Swedish Radio website.