26 april 2021


Kristin Östberg

Design solutions for the workplace of the future

Jessica André is in her final year at Malmstens and will soon graduate with a degree in furniture design. She is currently doing her thesis with us at Indicum. Her research and project is about developing safety-promoting furniture and products for safer workplaces post Corona with the important question: what makes people and employees feel safe and motivated to return to the workplace?

  • For the past two years I have been working on issues related to public spaces. I am passionate about designing better solutions and environments for people. That’s why Indicum’s process and commitment to sustainability suits me both personally and professionally,” says Jessica.

Much of her thesis is research-based with the aim of identifying areas and situations in the workplace where people feel unsafe, such as at desks, social spaces and meeting places. Another part of the work is practical, focusing on developing a physical piece of furniture that responds to the problem areas.

  • Many say they want more screen walls to feel safe and to dare to interact with colleagues at work. Right now I’m sketching concepts in this area, probably resulting in a product family with another piece of furniture that is all about digital meetings and collaboration.

We follow Jessica’s work with excitement and look forward to learning all about how Corona has helped to create new conditions for the workplace, both physically and psychologically.