3d scanning

29 september 2022


Cecilia Tjärnberg

Between the virtual and reality

Recently, Indicum was back at Konstfack to teach 3D scanning in the Master’s programme in Spatial Design. During the day we took a closer look at the equipment itself and talked about how the laser scanner and associated software works and how you need to plan your work. Laser scanning is useful when you want to document a spatial feature, while photo scanning, for example, may be preferable when you want to quickly capture an object or smaller section. From the point cloud data we can export measurable sections and produce incredibly beautiful and detailed drawings. From the mesh data we get shape that is easily modelled in open source software.

Tips! Download a photo-scanning app for your own phone and give it a try. For example, on your study trip, you could take the opportunity to photoscan part of a beautiful statue and, when you get home, incorporate this shape into a design proposal you have produced.

Let us know if you’d like Cecilia to visit to talk about creative workflows, digital output and moving between the virtual and reality.

Picture: Cecilia Tjärnberg, Punktmoln

“We are living in a digital golden age where we are moving from working with tools that help us create to managing tools that help us think.”

Cecilia Tjärnberg, inredningsarkitekt
Sculpture -Maja Björk