June 7th 2024


Marie Lindblad

SMHI’s New Premises in Gothenburg: Indicum’s Interior Design

We celebrated the inauguration of SMHI’s new office in Gothenburg. The move was to a newly constructed three-story building located in the Nya Varvet district of Gothenburg, a former naval harbor with a rich history. Indicum was responsible for the interior design. Our task was to create an interior that ties into SMHI’s overarching design concept while also taking into account the location, the new building, and the needs of the organization.

A concept in four parts

The pre-existing interior design concept served as the foundation for our choices, but adaptations were made to give the Gothenburg office a unique touch. The existing design concept was complemented by four sub-concepts: “Among the Clouds,” “Under the Surface,” “The Lighthouse,” and “The Shipyard,” which are found in various areas of the office. These sub-concepts were developed to connect the interior design with the location and SMHI’s different areas of expertise.

Focus on Sustainability

A central part of the project was the strong focus on sustainability. The goal was for at least 50% of the total furnishings to be reused or purchased second-hand. By integrating reuse into the project, we aimed not only to contribute to more sustainable interiors but also to inspire others to see the value in giving reused furniture a new chance. In the end, we achieved a total of 63% reused furniture.

Inauguration Party

During the inauguration party, we gave speeches and conducted tours of the new premises, where we at Indicum had the opportunity to share more about the ideas behind the interior design concept and our significant reuse efforts. Employees expressed many positive comments and appreciation during the inauguration.

A Successful Project

The project is a great example of how it is possible to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments with a high degree of reuse. We hope to have the opportunity to carry out more projects of this kind in the future.