16 december 2020


Kristin Östberg

Recycling as a red thread

At Indicum, we love a challenge and helping our customers make better choices when it comes to interior design. You always win with reuse, which we always adapt to the customer’s specific circumstances and wishes.

In an assignment for the Swedish Competition Authority in Stockholm, reuse and reconditioning of furniture became a common thread. They were moving to new premises and in connection with this we made a large inventory of furniture that could be recycled. We chose to focus on reusing the parts that we know have a high environmental impact, such as height-adjustable desks and work chairs. Work chairs in particular have about ten times more environmental impact than a wooden chair.

In addition, storage and meeting chairs were reused. The approximately 180 meeting chairs were of the same model but with different upholstery and different ages. Here we selected the ones that were in the best condition and that also had a colour scheme that fitted in with the interior design concept that had been developed. These were allowed to go without adjustment and the others were sent to the factory for reupholstery, upholstery review and correction of any defects. In total, the FCA reused and reconditioned about 64% of the total furnishings during the move.