Balance between old and new

Project name

Bloms Hus


Stockholms University

Project time



1800 sq m

On behalf of Stockholm University, Indicum has worked with Bloms Hus. The house dates from the 19th century and houses the university’s management and the rector’s office. Blom’s house is classified as a listed building under the Cultural Environment Act and the project has been carried out in close collaboration with the building’s antiquarian, who has recreated the original paintwork and wallpaper. For Indicum, the project has meant a fine balance between old and new, as much of the older furniture has been reused in conjunction with new furnishings.


The major challenge of the project has been to create a modern workplace in a historic environment. To find a good balance between function and aesthetics that meets the needs of Stockholm University and at the same time fulfils a representative role towards visitors.


The solution has been to work closely with the business and project managers. Through reuse combined with newly purchased furnishings, an environment that breathes both present and past has been created. To keep up with the building’s level of aesthetics and quality, furniture has been chosen with great care and with a focus on Swedish producers.

Modern in a historic setting

Listed property that has been carefully renovated
Classic and timeless design on furniture and carpet
Clothes hanger on recycled office
Harmonious and inviting colour scheme in conference rooms
Interior colour scheme showing the original character of the building

A nice balance between old and new, where a careful renovation of the building has been carried out