Complicated puzzle to be solved in the tenant adaptation of Nya Ångström

Project name

New Ångström, SH skedet


Uppsala university

Project time



70,000 sqm (of which 40,000 extension and 30,000 is rebuild)

The Ångström Laboratory is one of Uppsala University’s major facilities at Polacksbacken, which houses many technical and scientific departments and research groups in basic electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics, materials science and industrial technology.

The project is called “New Ångström” and is the largest construction project in Uppsala University’s history, involving the construction of two new buildings totalling 30,000 square metres (building 9 and building 10) and extensive relocations to optimise operations in the Ångström Laboratory’s existing premises.

Indicum has been responsible for the interior design of the Ångström Laboratory stage 4, (system procurement phase). Preparation of RFP, type room, furnishing plans, interior design concept and cost estimate as well as coordination with operations and design team have been part of the assignment.

Challenge and solution

Two key features have characterised our work: developing functional ALC rooms and finding smart solutions for laboratories moving around in existing premises.

The work on ALC rooms has been carried out together with a group at the university working on ALC teaching and has resulted in about 30% of the classrooms working for ALC teaching.

The work to find smart solutions for tenant adaptation of laboratories has been done in close collaboration with the building architect and operations and has resulted in cost-effective solutions that retain as many installations as possible but still have fully functional labs.

“The new Ångström is an important investment in the future. With this project, we are solving expansion needs, creating a fantastic educational environment and integrating IT research under one roof.”

– former principal Eva Åkesson