kirstin östberg ceo Indicum

1 juni 2018


Kristin Östberg

Interior designers from Uppsala win contract worth 2.8 million

On 15 May, it became clear that the interior architects Indicum won the Migration Agency’s tender. It concerns their offices all over Sweden. Indicum is one of Sweden’s leading consultancies specialising in interior design, with headquarters in Uppsala and an office in Stockholm.

Kristin Östberg is CEO of Indicum and tells us more:

Why does the Migrationsverket invest in interiors?

– Their working environment is demanding. Their own staff often experience stress and they encounter people who are anxious. Good interior design can make such environments work better.

You hear more and more about interior architecture. Why is that?

– More and more people understand how important our environment is for how we feel. We humans spend a lot of our time indoors, so it’s not surprising. Many employers have realised how important their premises are for the well-being and efficiency of their staff, but also for the image they project to customers and visitors.

The agreement will take effect on 1 June 2018 and is estimated to be worth a total of approximately €2.8 million over a period of up to four years.