flora foliering

7 december 2020


Therese Löwstedt

Insight into ongoing projects: patterns under construction

Julia Groth has picked up the non-fiction books to help her create a pattern for our ongoing project for Uppsala City Hall.

It’s extra fun to work with clients who understand the importance of working with interior design and who dare to invest.

One example is an ongoing project for Uppsala City Hall, where we are working to develop a nature-inspired interior design concept called Uppsalas Flora. The concept is expressed in the colour scheme as well as in the design language of the furniture we are designing. We are also currently developing a specific pattern unique to the project.

The pattern has a clear link to the concept and consists of stylised flowers and plants inspired by botanical illustrations, both large and small scale. Julia Groth, who is working on the pattern, has benefited greatly from the gift she received from her grandmother on her 10th birthday: ‘The Nordic Flower’. The patterns will be applied to glass panels and textiles, among other things. We think it’s particularly fun to be able to work fully with a concept in this way.