arkitekturdagarna i Malmö

2 september 2021


Kristin Östberg

Indicum speaks at the Architecture Days in Malmö

During day two of the Architecture Days in Malmö, our CEO Kristin Östberg will speak under the category “Vital, a conversation about interior architecture” and touch on the topic “Then, Now and Future in Architecture”.

Together with other members of the Academy of Interior Architecture of Sweden, it reflects on the three topics that are in different ways essential for our common future here on earth.

Kristin chose to talk about how our profession, collectively and immediately, must act to contribute to the vital climate transition. Good ideas about the environment and sustainability should belong to the public good and not profit individual agencies. The goal of the conversation is about highlighting architecture and the role of architecture in a way that is forward-looking and debating, rather than competitive. Watch the call here

During Sweden’s largest event for architecture, questions are raised about the future of architecture and the role of architects, and this year visitors are welcomed to Hedmanska gården to take part in live outdoor lectures, meet each other and have a coffee. If you want to listen to all the talks click here

“Life is precious, all life” concludes Kristin.

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