uppsala stadshus

10 december 2019


Kristin Östberg

Indicum designs the interior of Uppsala City Hall

After fierce competition, Indicum interior architects won the prestigious contract to assist the municipality with the interior design of Uppsala’s newly renovated and expanded city hall.

“It feels great to be given the task of shaping the interior of Uppsala City Hall. Uppsala is our home base and we are proud to be entrusted with creating a welcoming place for the municipality and its residents. We also feel that being close to the projects we work on is a great advantage, both for us and our clients, we can be on site in ten minutes if needed.” – Kristin Östberg, CEO Indicum

The new City Hall will be sized to accommodate 1,800 employees working on an activity-based basis. Great importance was therefore attached in the procurement of the interior designer to previous experience in ABW offices and to the creative quality of the offices’ reference projects. The new premises will foster collaboration and offer a creative atmosphere with pleasant spaces, while at the same time linking the interior design to the aesthetics of the building. The sustainability aspect of the interior design is also a major concern. The challenge for the City Hall project is to reuse the municipality’s existing furnishings as much as possible without losing the overall impression and aesthetic value.

The original town hall was built in 1957 and designed by Erik and Tore Ahlsén. The extension with large glass windows and an open and inviting glazed courtyard was designed by the Danish architectural firm Henning Larsén, which is behind many prestigious projects, such as the Harpan concert hall in Reykjavik and Uppsala Concert & Congress. The City Hall is scheduled for completion in 2021.

Photo: Henning Larsen.