27 juni 2023


Therese Löwstedt

Framework agreement for circular furniture flows.

In 2022, the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) and Addas implemented a new framework agreement for circular furniture services. As Indicum works with many state and municipal clients such as the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, RISE, the Swedish Export Credit Agency, the Financial Supervisory Authority, Uppsala Municipality, Uppsala University, and the University of Gothenburg, this was great news!

Circular furniture flows, sustainability, and reduced climate impact can be challenging to implement in practice. Simplifying and facilitating the process of specifying and procuring reused furniture places demands on both procurement units’ understanding of circular services and interior architects’ changed working methods. The new framework agreements facilitate the process of specifying and procuring reused furniture.

In 2022, we have, among other things, used Addas framework agreement for the purchase of reused furniture for Brantingsskolan and Uppsala Municipality’s innovation lab. Please read more in our sustainability report…

“For us at Indicum, the new framework agreements mean that we can work with reused furniture in public spaces in a straightforward and clear manner, both for us and for the client,” says Therese Löwstedt, head of sustainability at Indicum.