Inflyttningsfest och vernissage

7 July 2023


Kristin Östberg

“The right to housing is the economic, social and cultural right to adequate housing and shelter. It is recognized in some national constitutions and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenanton Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.” – Habitat II, the Second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements Istanbul, TURKEY, June 3–14, 1996

Habitat – life-enhancing living environments

This spring, a new research project has been launched at Indicum Lab on flexible, mobile, sustainable and affordable housing.

The right to housing was recognised as a human right by the United Nations at UN Habitat II in 1996, and although almost 20 years have passed since then, there is no clear form or definition describing the content of this right.

Habitat is a project that aims to clarify the right to have a home and explore different forms of housing from a multifaceted sustainability perspective. A variety of building typologies will be studied and aspects such as flexibility, mobility, short- and long-term housing needs will be explored.

The project is planned to start up in the autumn and we are currently looking for project partners, contact us if you want to know more and get a project summary.

Temporary residential area built on agricultural areas after the earthquake, 2023 Turkey. Temporary shelters built for migrants in Greece and Germany. Homeless people deprived of their human right to housing in the US.
Different building types interact and create life-enhancing living environments.